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HEFA / ILAFS Student Tracking Forms

Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) aims to monitor the long-term impact of HEFA / ILAFS on attendees' participation in post-16 learning and (ultimately) higher education, in order to ensure that the programme meets its objective of helping participants to fulfil their academic potential and raise their educational aspirations. Therefore, we like to track as many 'graduates' of the programme as possible to monitor their onward destinations. 

If you are a current Year 11 student, please complete the following form:

Year 11 Tracking Form


If you are a current Year 13 student, please complete the following form:

Year 13 Tracking Form


If you consent to the University of Cambridge contacting you directly to track your destinations in the future, please ensure that we have your current e-mail address by completing the following form:

Update your Contact Details

Please note that HEFA - Higher Education Field Academy has changed it's name to ILAFS- Independent Learning Archaeology Field Schools. They are a similar programme and the names can be used interchangeably.