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Cambridge Archaeology Learning Foundation (CALF)

Cambridge Archaeology Learning Foundation (CALF) days are opportunities for primary school pupils ages 5-11 to gain understanding of how we discover the past. Pupils are introduced to key historical concepts through the handling of real archaeological artefacts. Hands-on activities teach pupils the skills archaeologists use everyday. CALF sessions cover history from the Stone age to the present day, and so are suitable for any time of the teaching year. It is an opportunity to use multiple skills and knowledge from different subjects in a series of multi-disciplinary challenges linked to subject specific concepts at Key Stage 2.  Sessions are taught in schools, and assemblies can be given. 

CALF days teach keys aims of the Key Stage 1 and 2 History curriculum

  • Methods of historical enquiry
  • Historical concepts of continuity and change
  • How evidence is use to make historical claims
  • Historical perspective.

The emphasis is on introducing new knowledge, ideas and approaches from the multi-disciplinary subject of archaeology in practical hands-on activities that contribute to studies and project work in a variety of curriculum subjects. In addition CALF days help develop transferable skills such as team-work, critical analysis and presentation skills. 

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