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Walberswick, Suffolk

Walberswick is a coastal village located in east Suffolk approximately 2km south-west of Southwold and 12km west of Halesworth, south of the River Blyth where it empties into the North Sea. The settlement today lies on low land between 0m and 10m OD south of an area of marsh and common land between the present village and the river. The settlement is arranged as an 1200m-long east-west orientated linear row along The Street which turns north at its eastern end to continue as Ferry Road. Additional housing is present along many streets which extend either side of this main axis. The church lies towards the western end of the present village, near a fork in the road and c. 200 before the settlement ends. The first edition of the 6” to 1 mile OS map shows the settlement in the later 19th century to have terminated nearer the church and to have been more intermittent along The Street, with very little housing present either side of this. Church Lane, Patners Lane, Stock Lane and Leveretts Lane are shown to be present but are entirely devoid of housing. Walberswick is not recorded in Domesday Book and when the name is first recorded in 1199 it may be presumed to refer to a small farming hamlet.  This minor status appears to be reflected again in 1334 when it was taxed jointly with Blythburgh. The earliest fabric of the existing church at Walberswick dates to the 15th century but this replaced an earlier building on the same site (SHER WLB 014). An even earlier church is thought to have lain on a different site, south of the present village on Oldtown Marshes, where pottery found during field-walking is presumed also to indicate the site of the earliest settlement (SHER WLB 010).


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