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Rickinghall and Botesdale


The villages of Rickinghall and Botesdale are now one continuous linear settlement in north Suffolk, just under 8km to the southwest of Diss and north of the A143 by-pass. Botesdale is situated at the northeastern end of the settlement with Rickinghall to the southwest. Rickinghall is further subdivided into Rickinghall Superior and Rickinghall Inferior that roughly equates to Inferior on the north side of The Street and Superior on the south side.

Rickinghall was recorded from the 10th century as Rikinghale and in the Domesday Book as Rikingahala to mean the 'nook of the family or followers of a man called Rica'. Botesdale was not recorded in the Domesday Book, its first recorded reference being in 1275 as Botholuesdal to mean 'valley of a man called Botwulf'.


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