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Long Melford, Suffolk

Long Melford lives up to its name, as it is indeed a very long settlement – today extending as a linear row for nearly 2 miles from one end to the other, it is one of the longest villages in England. It is located c. 25 km west of Ipswich, mostly on the eastern bank of the River Stour, which marks the county boundary between Suffolk and Essex. The parish church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, lies at the very northern end of the present settlement, in an area somewhat cut off from the rest of the village by open land around Melford Hall and a large triangular village green. The church is nearly 1km from the River Stour, and this part of the settlement does not sit within the valley, rather occupies a spur of higher land between two smaller valleys to its north. Settlement in this area is today predominantly arranged along Westgate Street (running in a westerly direction south of the church) and around the west side of the green. South of Melford Hall, the pre 20th century settlement is arranged as a double row either side of a north-south orientated street which is notably wide for most of its length, for around c. 750m south from the point at which it meets Bull Lane (which runs out of the village in an easterly direction south of Melford Hall).


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