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Hessett 2008

Hessett 2008 Pottery Report

Hessett 2008 Test Pit Location Map

Twelve test pits were excavated in Hessett in 2008, bringing the total over three years to twenty-seven. Outlying sites west of the present village included The Heath (HES/08/6-HES/08/9) and a nearby moated site (HES/08/5) were investigated as well as others within the present village. Just a single tiny sherd (1g) of Roman pottery was found, confirming earlier inferences that the area of the current settlement was not intensively used in the Roman-British period. The only sites to produce pottery of ninth to eleventh century date were those within c. 100m of the church, suggesting that a nucleated settlement here in the late Anglo-Saxon period may have taken the form of a single row, as few of the sites east of the road past the church have produced pottery of this date, in contrast to those on the west of the road, almost all which have done so, and in quantities likely to indicate settlement rather than less intensive use. The moated site east of the Heath, Maltings Farm, Elm Farm and Hessett Green all appear to come into existence in the eleventh to fourteenth century, with the area of the Heath only coming into more intensive use from perhaps the mid-seventeenth century. Here then, the origins of the dispersed elements of the settlement pattern appear to date to the post-conquest period.