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Hessett 2007

Hessett 2007 Pottery Report

Hessett 2007 Test Pit Location Map

Six test pits were excavated in Hessett in 2007, adding to the nine dug in 2006. No further Romano-British material was found, supporting the observation in 2006 that the site of the present village was not intensively exploited at this date. Similarly, the pattern, noted in 2006, of activity in the period 850-1100 AD restricted to the area immediately around the church was also reflected in the 2007 excavations, with nearly all the pits in this area (but none elsewhere) producing pottery of this date. On present evidence, it seems that it is not until the 12th to 14th centuries that more intensive use was made of the area to the south, including Hessett Green, Maltings Farm and the moated site 600m to the west of the latter.