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Hessett 2006

Hessett 2006 Pottery Report

Hessett 2006 Test Pit Location Map

Nine test pits were dug in Hessett in 2006, most of which were sited in the northern end of the present village. Just a single small (3g) very abraded sherd of Roman pottery was found, in test pit HES06/8 in the south of the village on the edge of the green. On its own, this cannot be of any significance, although the absence generally of Roman pottery from Hessett to date is perhaps more interesting to note. Pottery of late Anglo-Saxon date came from two test pits near the church (HES06/2 and 5). These pits also revealed pottery of 11th to 14th century date, and the latter was also found at HES06/4 (Elm's Farm) and HES06/6 (Malting Farm), possible hinting that medieval settlement away from the area around Hessett church at this date may have taken the form of a scatter of discrete farmsteads. Neither of the test pits around Hessett Green produced any material predating the 19th century, although more work clearly needs to be done in this part of the settlement, which will take place in 2007.