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Coddenham 2010

Coddenham 2010 Pottery Report

Coddenham 2010 Test Pit Location Map

Seven pits were excavated in Coddenham in 2010, bringing the total to date to forty-nine. None of the 2010 test pits produced any additional pottery of early or middle Anglo-Saxon date, suggesting that the early Anglo-Saxon settlement was restricted to an area no more than 100m in extent immediately around the site of the later church, with settlement in the middle Anglo-Saxon period in the same general area but limited to the zone north of the present road past the church. The majority of the 2010 test pits produced Thetford Ware of later Anglo-Saxon date, supporting the evidence for a nucleated settlement perhaps 200m long along the present road past the church, with other new areas coming into existence between the tenth and twelfth centuries, including outlying sites at Ivy Farm, Hall Farm and Choppins Hall.