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Coddenham 2009

Coddenham 2009 Pottery Report

Coddenham 2009 Test Pit Location Map

Twelve test pits were excavated in Coddenham in 2009, bringing the total to date to forty-two. These were sited to fill in gaps in the coverage of previous HEFA CORS test pit excavations. Roman pottery was found in two pits (COD/09/04 and COD/09/05) on the extreme southern margins of the present village and in COD/09/09, on the west side of the village close to the valley bottom. Hand-made Anglo-Saxon pottery dating to c. 450 - 700 AD was found in COD/09/04, COD/09/05, suggesting that activity at this date extended further south than has previously been shown, with Ipswich ware (c. 720 - 850 AD) in COD/09/05 indicating that this settlement continued well into the middle Anglo-Saxon period. Thetford ware at COD/09/04, COD/09/06 and COD/09/09 reinforced earlier inferences of a later Anglo-Saxon settlement in the area of the present church. Both pits around Ivy Farm (COD/09/01 and COD/09/08) produced significant amounts of twelfth to fourteenth century pottery, clearly indicative of settlement here at this date. No pottery which could be firmly dated to the post fourteenth century medieval period was found in any of the pits excavated in 2009, confirming earlier indications of a severe contraction in the extent and intensity of settlement at this time. Also confirming previous observations, evidence from pits along the High Street (COD/09/02 and COD/09/03) suggested this part of the settlement is of essentially post-medieval origin.