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Coddenham 2008

Coddenham 2008 Pottery Report

Coddenham 2008 Test Pit Location Map

Nine test pits were excavated in Coddenham in 2008, bringing the total to date to thirty. New sites included two near Hall Farm, c. 600m east of the present village core around the church, and three at Choppins Hall, c 1km to the north of the present village centre. Excavations in 2008 confirmed patterns noted from those in 2006 and 2007, with a core of intensive early and middle Anglo-Saxon activity likely to represent settlement north-west of the church growing in size and expanding north from the ninth century to the fourteenth, with marked contraction from the late fourteenth century not reversed until the post-medieval period. One of the pits at Choppins Hall produced two sherds of Thetford ware in a context with large fragments of animal bone and a late horseshoe dating to between 1000 and 1200 AD and was tentatively interpreted as evidence that this outlying site was occupied in the later Anglo-Saxon period, and may therefore have been part of a more dispersed pattern of settlement extending up the valley north of the main settlement which may have been more nucleated in form. In contrast, the pottery earliest pottery recovered from the other outlying site, Hall Farm, dated to 1100-1400, the same as at the adjacent moated site of Ivy Farm, suggesting that this part of the settlement pattern may have been of post-Conquest origin.