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Coddenham 2007

Coddenham 2007 Pottery Report

Coddenham 2007 Test Pit Location Map

Eleven test pits were excavated in Coddenham in 2007, adding to the ten excavated in 2006. Whereas investigation then focussed on the north and west of the village, most of the 2007 test pits were sited in the south and east part of the village, along the High Street.

No further ceramic material of iron age date was found in 2007. A single sherd of Romano-British greyware was recovered from COD07/3, the southernmost of the test pits excavated to date in Coddenham, but this lone small fragment (6g in weight) can in no way be interpreted as evidence of any intensive activity at this date in this area. Two 2007 test pits contained single sherds of pottery of early-middle Anglo-Saxon date: COD07/1 yielded a 9g sherd of early Saxon ware dating to 450-700AD, while COD07/2 produced a 12g sherd of Ipswich ware (720-850AD). Located either side of COD06/9 which contained both these wares, this evidence strongly suggests the presence of settlement of some kind in this area at this date. Ten sherds of Thetford ware (850-1100AD) from COD07/2 reinforced the pattern noted in 2006 indicating that this same area was the main focus of expanded activity in the later Anglo-Saxon period. A single small (3g) sherd of the same ware from COD07/8 was interpreted as most likely to represent manuring outside the late Saxon settlement. Ceramic material of twelfth to fourteenth century date is slightly more widespread than that of pre-Norman date, occurring both sides of the road past the church (COD07/4, COD07/5, COD07/6, COD07/7), but none of the 2007 pits produced more than 3 sherds of pottery this date. No pottery dating to between c. 1400 and c. 1550 was recovered from any of the pits excavated in 2007, a similar pattern to that observed in 2006 which gives weight to the suggestion that there may have been minimal activity in Coddenham in the later medieval period.