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Coddenham 2006

Coddenham 2006 Pottery Report

Coddenham 2006 Test Pit Location Map

10 test pits were dug in Coddenham in 2006 in the gardens of properties along Church Road and School Road. Unusually, one of the test pits (COD06/7) contained a sherd of late Iron Age pottery, while perhaps more unexpectedly, given the proximity of known Roman occupation, no Roman pottery was found in any of the excavated test pits. Coddenham also revealed the only example of early/middle Anglo-Saxon pottery from the HEFA 2006 excavations, from COD06/9, on the southern edge of the present village immediately opposite the church. Pottery of late Anglo-Saxon date was found extensively, in COD06/4, 7, 8, 9 and 10, all in the area immediately north of the present church. 11th-14th century pottery was found in this same area (with the exception of COD06/8 and the addition of COD06/1), and also in COD06/2 and 5. The latter however produced only a single sherd each and must therefore be considered unlikely to be evidence for a northward expansion of settlement in this period. In contrast with the extent of 10th-14th century pottery recovered, only two test pits (COD06/1 and 4) contained any pottery of 15th-15th century date. This could possibly be interpreted as evidence for marked contraction at this date. Further test pitting in 2007 will aim to look further at the southern part of the present village, and also along the High Street.