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Coddenham, Suffolk

Coddenham is a small village 10km north of Ipswich mostly lying on the east side of a small stream valley between 25 and 45m OD. The settlement today is arranged along School Road and Church Road both running along the stream valley and a third route (High Street) which leads east and steeply upwards out of the valley and the present village. The church lies c. 100m south-west of the point where these three roads meet, on the southern edge of the present settlement. Much of the housing in the north of the village has been built within the last 100 years. Excavation by a local group has produced substantial evidence for Iron Age and Roman activity nearby, but much less is known about the village itself.

Local Information Websites

Coddenham History Club

Coddenham Village Website

Heritage Gateway

Suffolk Heritage Explorer Parish Summary


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Test Pit Pottery Distribution Maps 2006-2011

North Coddenham

South Coddenham and Coddenham Green


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