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Clare Castle 2013

Clare Castle Excavation Final Report


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May 2013 Excavations

Clare Castle May 2013 Background and Aims

The aims of the May 2013 excavations in Clare Country Park were to assess the archaeological potential and level of preservation of the site and establish whether there is any evidence for early Norman and possibly pre-Norman activity and if there is any trace of the 14th-century gardens of Lady Elizabeth de Burgh. The excavations were hugely successful, involving over 100 volunteers, and resulted in the discovery of well preserved pre-Norman remains including a couple of human burials.


September 2013 Excavations

Clare Castle September 2013 Background and Aims

The aim of the September excavations was to follow up on what was found earlier in the year, particularly focusing on the possible cemetery area. We were also looking to see if there was any trace of a church in the vicinity of the burials, and also whether there was any further evidence of prehistoric activity, noted during the May excavations in that area.