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Chediston, Suffolk

Chediston is located c. 2km west of Halesworth in eastern Suffolk, and lies on clay and alluvial deposits between 19m and 46m OD. The settlement today comprises two quite separate elements. One cluster of properties surrounds the church which lies on the north side of the valley of a small tributary of the River Blyth while, half a kilometre to the north-west on higher ground away from the stream valley, Chediston Green consists of a string of properties on the edge of a former green. The present houses are mostly on the north side of the road through the green, and are set well back from it marking the former edge of the green, now bisected along its length by the road. Several outlying farms are located within 500m of these two main settlement foci, with others further away within the parish.

A Roman settlement site, has been excavated immediately beyond the eastern limits of the present settlement around the church and numerous finds of prehistoric and Roman date have been recovered by field-walking and metal detecting in the parish. A late 15th century AD kiln site was excavated in Chediston Green, near the site of HEFA test pit CHE06/10, otherwise little archaeological work has been carried out in the currently inhabited parts of the village.

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