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Chediston 2007

Chediston 2007 Pottery Report

Chediston 2007 Test Pit Location Map

Nine test pits were dug in Chediston in 2007, bringing the total excavated over the two years to 21. A single sherd of Romano-British greyare form CHE/07/7 was interpreted as most likely to be evidence for low-intensity activity such as manuring. As in 2007, no material dating to the early or middle Anglo-Saxon period was found, and later Anglo-Saxon pottery was restricted to CHE/07/2, near the church, supporting the evidence for material of this date from this area found in 2006. Pottery dating to the 12th to early 16th centuries was found in several (but by no means all) of the test pits around the church, and also in Chediston Green, although pottery of 12th to 14th century date was not recovered from any of the three westernmost pits in this part of the village. One particularly notable discovery was an inhumation burial revealed just west of the present graveyard. Supine and oriented facing east, it appears likely to be Christian, but it was not excavated and thus no further information or firm dating evidence has yet been recovered. Its presence does raise a number of interesting questions regarding the possible changing form of the graveyard, which it is hoped to pursue in the future.