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Brundon, Suffolk

Brundon today is a small hamlet on the western banks of the River Stour, which was once in Essex, but is now in the district of Babergh and the parish of Sudbury in Suffolk. The hamlet is situated just over 0.5km from Sudbury town centre. The fields that were walked are 1km west of Brundon, at the site of Brundon village church, which is located at NGR TL 8540 4165.

Both the villages of Brundon and Ballingdon were once combined with the name Ballingdon-cum-Brundon that was in the Hickford Hundred in Essex during the 17th century. It was in the early 1830’s that both villages were incorporated into the All Saints parish in Sudbury, Suffolk. The villages today are regarded as separate, and there are only a dozen or so houses left occupied in Brundon, which are also mainly clustered close to the river around Brundon Hall and Brundon Mill and away from the original site of the church. Ballingdon on the other hand, has grown due to its position along the main road from Chelmsford to Bury St Edmunds, and also at a significant crossing of the River Stour, into Sudbury.


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