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Wiveton, Norfolk

Wiveton lies little more than a mile from the north Norfolk coast near Blakeney on boulder clay and fluvial deposits at between 5m and 10m OD, and is today a small, quiet nucleated village of brick- and pebble-built houses extending north from the church along two winding lanes which intersect to form an elongated figure of eight. These lanes run parallel with the nearby river Glaven whose floodplain, previously a tidal inlet, the village mostly overlooks. Wiveton Hall lies a mile to the north of the present village, on the seaward side of the east-west oriented road between Blakeney and Cley-next-the-Sea. Previous archaeological investigation including metal detecting has revealed finds of all periods in the parish of Wiveton, but little from within the village itself.

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Test Pit Pottery Distribution Map 2006-2008


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