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Terrington St Clement 2006

Terrington St Clement 2006 Pottery Report

Terrington St Clement 2006 Test Pit Location Map

Seven test pits were excavated in Terrington St Clement in 2006, adding to the nine excavated in 2005. In this large sprawling settlement, the 2006 test pits were able to investigate several new areas, including the site of a C14th brick kiln (TSC06/5), previously thought to be much later in date. Pottery of Anglo-Saxon at medieval date from TSC06/4 suggested that the saltern mound on top of which the test pit was sited was in use then, possibly for dairying, before being abandoned c. 1400AD until the mid C20th. TSC06/2, sited in an isolated small, square, ditched field c. 250m south east of the church and considered by some local residents to be a moated site, revealed a substantial quantity of animal bone and late Anglo-Saxon and medieval pottery suggesting a period of occupation spanning AD 950-1200. Further south, two test pits at Lovell's Hall produced trace evidence for Anglo-Saxon and medieval activity. Combined with the evidence from 2005, there is now plausible evidence that much of the area occupied by the present settlement of Terrington St Clement was, from the late Anglo-Saxon period, highly dispersed, with separate nodes of occupation which included areas north and south of, but possibly not always immediately adjacent to, the church.