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Terrington St Clement, Norfolk


Terrington St Clement today is a large, irregular, sprawling village around 8km west of King's Lynn in the Fenland region of west Norfolk. It lies on peat and alluvial and marine deposits at around 3m OD but now protected from inundation by a sea bank known as Roman Bank, 1km north of the church. Previously it has been subject to some historical research by local historians resident in the village, while archaeological investigation has most notably included field walking during the Fenland Survey, although this largely excluded the area around the present settlement.

Local Information Websites

Terrington St Clement History Group

Terrington St Clement Village Website

Norfolk Heritage Explorer

Heritage Gateway


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Test Pit Pottery Distribution Map 2005-2009


Click here for the full report from the three years of test pitting in Terrington St Clement.