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Hindringham 2007

Hindringham 2007 Pottery Report

Hindringham 2007 Test Pit Location Map

Eleven test pits were dug in Hindringham in 2007, distributed widely over more than 1km within the present settlement. None of these sites produced any material pre-dating the late Anglo-Saxon period, but four pits (HIN07/1, HIN07/3, HIN07/4 and HIN07/10) did produce Thetford ware dating to c. 850-1100AD. HIN07/1, HIN07/3 and HIN07/10 produced five, 14 and 15 sherds respectively of this material from undisturbed contexts and are considered likely to indicate contemporary settlement in the immediate vicinity. HIN07/4 produce just one sherd, but of a reasonable size (10g), and is more difficult to interpret. These four sites were all separated from one another by at least 400m and extended over more than 1km, so may be separate nodes of activity in this period, although further test pitting in the interstices will clearly be needed to test this hypothesis. The only pits not to produce material of 12th-14th date were HIN07/6, HIN07/9 and HIN07/11, although material of this date overall appeared in smaller quantities than the Thetford ware, with HIN07/2, HIN07/7 and HIN07/8 in particular producing only a single sherd, which cannot be regarded as persuasive evidence for intensive activity in the vicinity. Notably, the four pits which produced late Anglo-Saxon material also produced larger quantities of high medieval ceramics. Very little pottery dating to the 15th and 16th centuries was found in any of the pits excavated in 2007, possibly suggesting that activity in this period was very limited in extent.