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Hillington 2016

Hillington 2016 Test Pit Location Map

Hillington 2016 Pottery Report


The 2016 excavations in Hillington were undertaken in March where a total of nine archaeological test pits were excavated by 36 Year 9 students from Springwood High School and King Edward VII Academy. The test pits in 2016 were also sited in the south of the village between the 2015 test pit locations and brought the total excavated in the village to 18.

A single test pit yielded Late Bronze Age pottery (HIL/16/2) and supports the findings from 2015 with a potential Bronze Age settlement around the site of the church. A second site of Romano-British activity was identified during 2016 from Roman pottery found alongside the A148 (HIL/16/7) and is beginning to hint at possible settlement in the area. Six of the nine test pits yielded evidence for Late Anglo Saxon activity that was again mainly clustered around the church with also scattered settlement likely further north and west. This pattern of settlement continued and expanded slightly through the high medieval but collapsed from the 14th century onwards. For the first time, late medieval pottery was recorded from two test pits in Hillington (HIL/16/4 and HIL/16/8) and gives the first evidence that the village was not completely abandoned at this time. The village recovered through and from the 16th century onwards began to grow and develop so that it would have been a substantial settlement during the 19th century to support a station on the new railway line.