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Gaywood 2013

Gaywood 2013 Pottery Report

Gaywood 2013 Test Pit Location Map


Eleven test pits were excavated in Gaywood in 2013, adding to those completed in 2010 and 2011 and bringing the total to thirty-nine.  Four pits produced Romano-British pottery, with single large sherds found in GAY/13/01 and GAY/13/02 (25g and 47g respectively), a smaller sherd in GAY/13/06 and two sherds in GAY/13/10, suggesting activity of some sort along the eastern bank of the river and possibly non-intensive use such as arable in the present area of Jermyn Road (GAY/13/01).  As in previous years, several pits produced Ipswich Ware, found in GAY/13/03, GAY/13/04, GAY/13/05, GAY/13/06 and GAY/13/11, reinforcing the evidence for intensive use of the eastern bank of the river in the period between c. 720 – 850AD.  Less later Anglo-Saxon material was recovered than in previous years, with GAY/13/05 the only one to produce as much as a single small (2g) sherd.  Pottery dating to the later 11th – mid 14th centuries was found widely, in all pits bar GAY/13/05, GAY/13/06, GAY/13/08 and GAY/13/09, although only in GAY/13/02-04 was this found in quantities likely to indicate settlement in the vicinity, suggesting that the focus of activity had moved south and a little away from the river since the middle Anglo-Saxon period to the area along the present Wootton Road.  GAY/13/03 produced eight sherds of late medieval pottery, suggesting that habitation continued here after the later 14th century, the only site in 2013 where this was apparent, reinforcing the impression gained in previous years of severe late medieval contraction.