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Garboldisham, Norfolk

Garboldisham is today a small nucleated village about nine miles east of Thetford, straddling the present A1066 main road from Thetford to Diss. Garboldisham contains two churches: in the north of the village, the former church of All Saints, disused since the 18th century, is ruinous with only part of the tower still upstanding, while the existing parish church of St John the Baptist lies 250m to the south. Settlement at Garboldisham is today mostly arranged along three streets: Back Street, which runs north-south to the west of the remains of All Saints church; Church Road, which joins the southern end of Back Street and runs south-east to the A1066; and Hopton Road, which continues in a southerly direction south of the A1066. In addition, Water Lane runs east from a point midway along Back Lane to join Manor Road, forming the basis for a gridded arrangement of lanes, most of which have no evidence for settlement alongside. Settlement in the surrounding area is thinly spread and scattered in a predominantly dispersed pattern, with a large area of common land surviving immediately south of Garboldisham village. To the north of the present village core, settlement continues sporadically along Manor Road towards the next parish of Harling, with Garboldisham Manor identifiable as a separate hamlet/manorial site. Despite the irregular form of the settlements, there is a rectilinear regularity to the arrangement of fields, lanes and footpaths which hints at a regularly planned landscape.


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