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East Rudham 2016 Test Pit Location Map

East Rudham 2016 Test Pit Pottery Report


A total of nine archaeological test pits were excavated in East Rudham in 2016 by 36 Year 9 and Year 12 students from Fakenham Academy, Alderman Peel High School, Cromer Academy, Thomas Clarkson Academy and Litcham High School. 2016 was the first year of excavations in East Rudham and the test pits were sited in gardens on Broomsfield Road and Station Road and in a field to the south of Fakenham Road.

Two test pits in the far south of the village yielded Late Anglo Saxon pottery and points to a cluster of Late Saxon activity to the south of Broomsfield Road and away from the church to the north. High medieval activity however was recorded from seven of the nine test pits and shows that activity from the 12th century was probably quite clustered in the village and focused around the church to the south. The Black Death as well as the other socio-economic factors of the 14th century led to the village contracting greatly, as only one test pit in the south of the village yielded late medieval pottery (ERU/16/4). The village began to grow again through the post medieval and later into the rural village that we can still see today.