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Carleton Rode 2011

Carleton Rode 2011 Pottery Report

Carleton Rode 2011 Test Pit Location Map

Seven test pits were excavated in Carleton Rode in 2011, bringing the total to fifty-seven. As in recent years in this area of dispersed settlement, the 2011 pits extended the HEFA excavations far out into the landscape, with new areas under investigation for the first time including three sites in the west of the parish along or near Upgate Street, one at Grove Farm in the north of the parish and two in the Hargate area in the south of the parish.

Echoing the pattern in previous years, no pottery of Roman date was found in any of the 2011 pits, although a large fragment of puddingstone beehive quern was found in a pit dug in a field at CRO/11/06 which may be or prehistoric or Roman date. A small fragment (2g) of prehistoric pottery of Bronze Age date was found 40cm below the surface at Bury’s Hall. Pits CRO/11/01 (South Farm Upgate Street) and CRO/11/04 (Grove Farm) both produced sherds of both high and late medieval date which, although relatively low in number, may possibly be indicative of settlement in the vicinity. Interestingly, in both cases similar numbers of sherds were found for the late medieval period as for the 11th-14th century, possibly suggesting that some of the outlying areas were less characterised by the decline in activity that the most intensively-occupied area of Flaxlands.