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Brundall, Norfolk


Brundall is a large village sitting on the northern banks of the River Yare just over 9km east of Norwich and just south of the A47 in Norfolk. The village today is set out in a linear formation between 5m OD along the river to 20m OD to the north and west. The geology is that of the Crag Group of both sand and gravel. Brundall was recorded in the Domesday Book as Brundala, which is thought to mean ‘broomy nook of land’ from the Old English ‘bromede’ + ‘halh’.

The site of Brundall Gardens, originally 76 acres of land that was bought by Dr Michael Beverley in 1881 was dubbed the ‘Switzerland of Norfolk’ at its peak during the early 20th century and even had its own railway station. A small portion of the land today is incorporated into the shared gardens of a number of modern houses to the south of Postwick Lane.


Local Information Websites

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Brundall Parish Summary

Brundall Historic Map 


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Test Pit Pottery Distribution Map 2015-2018


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