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Blo' Norton 2016

Blo' Norton Test Pit location map 2016

Blo' Norton Test Pit 2016 pottery report


A total of six 1m2 test pits were excavated in Blo' Norton in April 2016. These were mainly focused in the south of the village and close to the fen edge along Fen Road with a couple of pits also excavated in the north along The Street. The test pits were excavated by Year 9 students from both Hartismere High School and King Edward VI Upper School and brought the total excavated over the two years to 14.

The first evidence for Romano-British activity was recorded from BNO/16/3 alongside the fen and the Little Ouse River and hints at the potential for a rural Roman settlement along the river valley close by. The first evidence for Late Anglo Saxon activity was also recorded during the 2016 excavations, at BNO/16/4, again in the south of the village and close to the river rather than further north at the church which may be expected. The focus of high medieval activity was however mainly in the north and west of the settlement, extending only slightly to the south along the fen edge, but during the later medieval there is a distinct shift in activity from the north to the south and along Fen Road, rather than a decline in the settlement. From the post medieval period onwards, settlement continued along Fen Road but also extended back to the north of the village again, similar to the layout that can be seen today.