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Blo' Norton 2015

A total of eight 1m2 test pits were excavated in Blo' Norton in June 2015. These were focused along the 'northern loop' of the village, along The Street, Middle Road and Thelnetham Road and were excavated by Year 9 students from both King Edward VI school and Hartismere School.

The results from the excavations can be seen below, but there was no evidence for any activity prior to the high medieval period and the mid-11th century. The focus of this medieval activity in Blo' Norton was in the east of the village and the test pits located closest to the church. There was a drop off in activity from the high to the late medieval, likely due to the Black Death that swept through the country during the 14th century. The village recovered through the post medieval and later as the finds increase once again. BNO/15/8 actually came down on the edge of a probable Victorian rubbish pit and the remnants of an old barn, said to have blown down in the 1987 storm, were also identified in BNO/15/3.


Blo' Norton 2015 Test Pit Location Map

Blo' Norton 2015 Test Pit Pottery Report