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Binham 2013

Binham 2013 Pottery Report

Binham 2013 Test Pit Location Map


13 test pits were excavated in Binham in 2013 bringing the total number of pits excavated here to sixty. In the south of the present village, BIN/13/08 produced a remarkable total of eight sherds of Bronze Age pottery, along with worked and fire-cracked flint, clearly indicating intensive activity in the vicinity. This site was c. 500m away from other test pits where material of the same date was found in BIN/13/12 and in earlier years, indicating the presence of two separate Bronze Age sites. Single sherds of Romano-British pottery at BIN/13/04 and BIN/13/10 are unlikely to indicate intensive activity, but four sherds at BIN/13/11 may do so, and BIN/13/12 and BIN/13/13 both produced more than a dozen sherds of this date, clearly indicating settlement nearby, reinforcing evidence from earlier test pitting for likely settlement  in the area west of the present village hall.

Most of the 2013 pits produced pottery of high medieval date, although this was notably absent from BIN/13/03, /04, /05 and /12, while BIN/13/01, /06, /07, /10 and /11 produced very little. These sites are all on the south-western margins of the present settlement. In contrast, BIN/13/02, /08 and /09 all produced large amounts of high medieval pottery.  Overall, it is notable that there is very little overlap between the sites producing Romano-British and medieval material. As in previous years, very little late medieval pottery was found, with BIN/13/02 the only one to produce any material of this date, this amounting to just two small sherds together weighing 7g. This reinforces the picture evident from previous test pit excavations indicating that Binham suffered severe late medieval contraction.