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Binham 2012

2012 HEFA

Binham 2012 HEFA Pottery Report

Binham 2012 HEFA Test Pit Location Map


2012 Community Dig

Binham 2012 Community Dig Pottery Report

Binham 2012 Community Dig Test Pit Location Map


A total of thirteen test pits were excavated in Binham in 2012, five during a HEFA in May and eight as a community excavation in July September, bringing the total number of pits excavated in Binham to forty-seven. 

Test pits BIN/12/07 and BIN/12/08 both produced large numbers of sherds of later prehistoric pottery, indicating settlement in the immediate vicinity, just south-west of the village hall along Warham Road. These pits, along with others nearby, also produced Romano-British pottery, suggesting that the later prehistoric settlement persisted and expanded in the Roman period. However, BIN/12/01- BIN/12/03 all produced very much less pottery of this date than BIN/12/05-BIN/12/08, enabling the southern limits of this settlement to be approximately drawn: it does not seem as if this extended as far south as the present Priory Crescent area.  BIN/12/08 also produced a single sherd of Ipswich Ware, showing how much further Anglo-Saxon activity previously identified near the village hall extended to the south. BIN/12/05 produced a couple of small sherds of Thetford Ware, supporting evidence from earlier years of late Anglo-Saxon activity in the area c. 150m due south of the priory church. Very little pottery of high medieval date was recovered from any of the 2012 pits, indicating these were all on or beyond the margins of the medieval settlement. Likewise, little late medieval pottery was recovered, but overall the pattern from the medieval data increasingly emphasises the severity and extent of late medieval contraction of settlement at Binham.