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Binham 2011

Binham 2011 Pottery Report

Binham 2011 Test Pit Location Map

Four test pits were excavated in Binham in 2011 by local residents during a weekend of community excavation inspired by previous excavations by HEFA pupils in the village. This brought the total number of pits excavated in Binham to thirty-three. Although the number of pits excavated was small, they included two (BIN/11/01 and BIN/11/02) which produced large volumes of finds, notably including several sherds of pottery of early and middle Anglo-Saxon date. This clearly indicates a focus of activity dating to the mid 6th  - mid 9th  century between the Warham Road and the upper reaches of the River Stiffkey, c. 250m north-west of the priory church.  This is also c. 250m from find-spots of pottery and structures of middle Anglo-Saxon date south-west of the church in previous test pit excavations: it is unclear at present whether the 2011 finds indicate that there was very large settlement here (c. 500m long), or two separate foci of activity. Either way, the finds clearly underline the importance of this area in the middle Anglo-Saxon period.