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Binham 2010

Binham 2010 Pottery Report

Binham 2010 Test Pit Location Map

Fourteen test pits were excavated in Binham in 2010, bringing the total to twenty-nine, sited to infill gaps in the coverage of 2009. As in 2009, pits in the area south of the Priory church produced Roman pottery, as did BIN/10/9, a little to the north. None of these test pits produced any early Anglo-Saxon pottery, suggesting occupation was not continuous after the end of the Roman period. BIN/10/7 and BIN/10/13 between them produced three sherds of Ipswich Ware, both close to the site of the middle Anglo-Saxon beam slot found in 2009. Both of these pits also produced single sherd of Roman pottery, and the area in general is close to area where the pits producing most Roman material are clustered. However, without early Anglo-Saxon material, this does not seem to constitute evidence for continuity of occupation on the site.

The late Anglo-Saxon period seems to see another break, with the area of the middle Saxon activity noticeably devoid of this while sites to its north and south have produced pottery of this date. Binham seems to see considerable growth in the high medieval period, focussed on the roads leading past the Priory. There is notably less pottery produced from the core of the present village to the south of the Priory. The impression of a marked contraction in the later medieval period which was noted in 2009 was supported by the excavations of 2010, when little material of this date was found.