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Acle 2014

Acle 2014 Pottery Report

Acle 2014 Test Pit Location Map


In April 2014, 10 archaeological test pits were excavated in Acle by 38 Year 9 and 10 students from Aylsham High School, Taverham High School and Broadland High School. The 10 pits dug in 2014 brings the total excavated in Acle to 46 and were all sited in the north of the village.

Three test pits in 2014 yeilded Romano-British pottery, adding to the spread of Roman activity that had already been recorded from previous years, although now the majority of the pottery appears on a north-south alignment through the test pits down the centre of the village. The Late Anglo Saxon occupation of Acle was also added to in 2014, with four test pits yeilding pottery of that date and expanding the original core of the settlement a little further to the south. The village expanded during the medieval period, with particular emphasis on activity in the core of the settlement, which also continued through to the later medieval, although a contraction of the village had been recorded during previous years from the 14th century. Acle then expanded and grew through the post medieval and began to take the layout of what can still be seen today, although a lot of the village today is modern 20th century and later development.