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Acle 2013

Acle 2013 Pottery Report

Acle 2013 Test Pit Location Map


Nine pits were excavated at Acle in 2013, bringing the total to 35. ACL/13/06 and ACL/13/09 both produced Romano-British material in an area known to be near settlement of this date, but more unexpectedly, so did ACL/13/08, located in Damgate nearly 1km to the south which must relate to a separate site. As in previous years, no material of early or middle Anglo-Saxon date was found, but ACL/13/3 did produce several sherds of Thetford ware from the same area in the central ‘triangle’ in the north of the present village, alongside Old Road. ACL/13/2 and ACL/13/3 produced four and three sherds respectively of high medieval pottery, which might indicate settlement in the vicinity, although not very convincingly so, with ACL/13/7 and ACL/13/8 producing even smaller amounts of this material. As in earlier years, very little late medieval pottery was found.