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Acle 2011

Acle 2011 Pottery Report

Acle 2011 Test Pit Location Map

Six test pits were excavated in Acle in 2011, bringing the total to date to twenty-six. The most remarkable site was ACL/11/04, which produced Thetford ware from five of the ten excavated 10cm spits, along with sandy wares dating to 1100-1400 AD. Prior to this, the only find of material of 11th century date had been single sherd found in ACL/10/06. Interestingly, the 2011 findspot is in the same part of the settlement as ACL/10/06, in the north of the present settlement. This area is accessed by Bridewell Street and the apparently rather aptly-named Old Road: it seems likely on present evidence that this is indeed the earliest part of Acle. This settlement expanded considerably in the high medieval period, when the area alongside north-south-orientated The Street appears to have come into existence, as indicated by ceramic finds of this date from test pits ACL/11/02, ACL/11/03 and ACL/11/06.  In the later medieval period, while the central part of the present settlement seems to have fared well, areas either side of The Street and south of the western end of Old Street (the easternmost part of the present settlement) seem to have been severely impacted, with the excavated evidence possibly suggesting complete disuse of this part of the settlement in the later 14th – later 16th centuries.