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Acle 2010

Acle 2010 Pottery Report

Acle 2010 Test Pit Location Map

Ten test pits were excavated in Acle in 2010, bringing the total to date to twenty. These focussed on the north of the present village, where less excavation was carried out in 2009. Two adjacent sites (ACL/10/3 and ACL/10/4) each produced several sherds of Roman pottery, hinting at the presence of a previously unknown Roman settlement of some sort on this area, more than 500m from the known Roman site immediately east of the present village. For the first time, pottery of Anglo-Saxon date was found (ACL/10/6), and although only a single sherd of Thetford Ware (in production between 850 and 1100AD) was found, this was a large sherd (20g) found in a sealed late medieval rubbish pit. It is likely that, although disturbed in antiquity, it does derive from a site nearby and therefore hints at the presence of late Anglo-Saxon settlement in the area.

More of the 2010 test pits produced pottery of high medieval date that did so in 2009, suggesting that the medieval settlement at Acle may have been predominantly in the northern part of the present village. Notably less material of later medieval date was produced, possibly hinting at a degree of contraction at this time.