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Acle 2009

Acle 2009 Pottery Report

Acle 2009 Test Pit Location Map

Ten test pits were excavated in Acle in 2009, sited widely in Acle and Damgate. No Anglo-Saxon material was found in any of the pits, and only two of the pits in Acle itself (ACL/09/08 and ACL/09/10) produced pottery of medieval date. Neither of these produced more than a couple of sherds, but one of those from ACL/09/08 was a fragment of imported stoneware first made around 1350 in Siegburg in Germany, a relatively rare find of a ware mostly imported into large British towns and ports, hinting at the role of maritime trade in the economy of medieval Acle. In contrast with the paucity of medieval pottery from Acle itself, it is notable that three of the four pits in Damgate produced medieval ceramic material (ACL/09/01, ACL/09/02 and ACL/09/03). Each of these produced a larger number of sherds than any of the pits in Acle itself. Slightly less material of later medieval date was recovered from Damgate, but in Acle the area around the church actually produced more pottery of post-fourteenth century medieval date than of high medieval date. More excavation will be needed to assess whether this is significant, although it is interesting to note that it has been suggested that Acle did not see any significant post-fourteenth century contraction.