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Healing is situated in north Lincolnshire, between the settlements of Stallingborough and Great Coates, just to the northwest of Grimsby. The parish extends east to the Humber Estuary but the village is inland, between the 13th century church of St Peter and St Paul in the south and the railway station in the north. 

The name Healing comes from Old English to mean 'the settlement of a family or followers of a man called Haegel' and was recorded in the Domesday Book on 1086 as Hegelinge.  Two medieval moated sites are known at Healing Hall, just south of the church, from which have found the remains of medieval features including a building that may have been the site of the original manor the village. Residual Anglo-Saxon finds have also been found, pushing occupation in this part of the village prior to the construction of the moats.  


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