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Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp and Smeeton Westerby, Leicestershire

Kibworth today is large village located approximately equidistant between Leicester c. 14km to north-west Leicester and Market Harborough 13km to the south-east.  Located c. 100m OD the parish includes the formerly separate settlements of Kibworth Harcourt (in the north, now straddling the A6), Kibworth Beauchamp (to the south of Kibworth Harcourt and the railway line), and Smeeton Westerby (the southernmost of the settlements, separated from Kibworth Beauchamp by c.0.5km, and comprising the formerly separate settlements of Smeeton to the north-east and Westerby to the south-west).  The thirteenth-century church of St Wilfrid lies in Kibworth Beauchamp, with the church of Christ Church in Smeeton Westerby. The history of Kibworth Harcourt, with excellent documentary records surviving from a variety of sources, has been examined in detail and included one attempt to reconstruct the medieval layout of the settlement from documentary and cartographic evidence. This suggested that the settlement recorded in Domesday Book lay long the east-west oriented street north of the A6 (comprising the western end of Main Street and Albert Street, which leads into Langton Road).

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Test Pit Pottery Distribution Map 2009


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