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Pirton 2011

2011 HEFA

Pirton 2011 HEFA Pottery Report

Pirton 2011 HEFA Test Pit Location Map


2011 Community Dig

Pirton 2011 Community Dig Pottery Report

Pirton 2011 Community Dig Test Pit Location Map


Twenty-one pits were excavated at Pirton in 2011, most (as in previous years) by local residents, especially motivated in 2011 by a desire to get the total number of pits excavated into three figures. The enthusiastic commitment that has been given to this project meant that no-one was surprised, although everyone was impressed, when 100th pit was duly excavated in summer 2011. However, not being a group of people inclined to rest for long on their laurels, work continued, and by the end of the year, the total number of pits excavated in the village had reached a remarkable 104.

The 2011 excavations filled in a number of gaps, including one area immediately west of the Toot Hill medieval motte, where little excavation had previously been carried out. This clearly confirmed previous observations that this part of the settlement came into existence at or shortly after the time when the castle was built. Interestingly, in a settlement which has evidence of severe later medieval contraction, this area seems to be less affected that much of the rest of the village.