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North Warnborough 2016 Test Pit Location Map

North Warnborough 2016 Pottery Report


2016 was the fourth year of test pit excavations in North Warnborough, when in June, an additional 12 archaeological test pits were excavated by 48 Year 9 students from Robert May's School, Fort Hill Community College, Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College, Testwood Sports College and The Costello School. The test pits were spread through the village, on both sides of the river and beyond the A287 in a now separate area of settlement and brought the total excavated in the village to 45.

The pottery excavated from the 2016 test pits only dated from the 12th century onwards but continued to add to the extent of the likely linear settlement at that time as well as also to the east on Dunley's Hill as noted in previous years. For the first time also high medieval activity was identified on the northern side of the River White Water, but as a single sherd was only recorded it is likely that this side was utilised as open fields and not settlement. The test pitting again supported the idea of a village contraction with areas of abandonment during the 14th century, likely due to the Black Death as well as other factors. The test pits in 2016 that yielded late medieval pottery are only two of seven sites that have been excavated over the four years to produce such pottery and demonstrates how hard the village was hit at this time. Growth was again evident though during the post medieval with nearly all the test pit sites yielding post medieval pottery, including for the first time evidence for activity in the far north at the now separate settlement beyond the A287.