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North Warnborough 2014

North Warnborough 2014 Test Pit Location Map

North Warnborough 2014 Pottery Report


10 archaeological test pits were excavated in North Warnborough in June 2014, which added to the 11 that were excavated in 2013. A total of 40 Year 9 and Year 10 students took part in the excavations from Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College, Robert May's School, The Costello School and Fort Hill Community School. The 2014 test pits were mainly sited in the south of the village with a few pits sited further north and west infilling between the 2013 sites.

The first evidence for prehistoric pottery from all the test pitting was found in 2014 (NWA/14/1)to be Late Bronze Age in date and may hint to later prehistoric activity on the western slopes of Dunley's Hill and overlooking the river valley to the north and west. A second site of Romano-British activity was also recorded in this year (NWA/14/3) and with the 2013 results there appears to be little in the way of Romano-British settlement in North Warnborough, this landscape may have instead have been utilised as open fields. A number of test pits yielded high medieval pottery dating from the 12th century onwards and hints that the medieval village may have been as widespread as the settlement is today, although all remains to the south of the river. The results also suggest that the socio-economic upheavals of the 14th century, including the Black Death likely all played a part in the desertion of a number of high medieval sites to perhaps a much more contracted, albeit slightly dispersed, settlement. From the 16th century however the village expanded and grew again and began to take the shape that can still be seen today.