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Writtle 2013

Writtle 2013 Pottery Report

Writtle 2013 Test Pits Location Map


A further 10 test pits were excavated in Writtle in 2013, bringing the total so far to 46. Attention was focussed on filling gaps in the area around the greens in the centre of the present village. No pottery predating the 12th century was found in any of the pits excavated in 2013. The distribution of the high medieval material, combined with the finds from earlier years, confirms that settlement was arranged around both greens, although with some gaps and no sign to date of any activity south-east of Writtle Green. Two outlying sites in areas of modern housing, around WRI/13/8 and WRI/13/09-10 also both produced high medieval pottery in sufficient volume to infer habitation in the immediate vicinity, suggesting that settlement at this time was not solely sited around the greens. There is no evidence for any significant level of decline in pottery yields in the later medieval period, and nearly all sites produce large amounts of post-medieval pottery, showing the settlement to be thriving at this time.