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Writtle 2011

Writtle 2011 Pottery Report

Writtle 2011 Test Pit Location Map

Thirteen test pits were excavated in Writtle in 2011, bringing the total to twenty-seven. Excavation in 2011 targeted sites throughout the present settlement, with two pits sited to investigate Skeggs Farm, just outside Writtle east of the River Wid. Test pit WRI/11/13 produced new evidence for activity of Roman date on the southern fringes of the present settlement, with the village now looking as if there may have been more then one focus of activity here at this time. A single sherd of Thetford Ware from WRI/11/03 doubled the number of finds of this date from a settlement which has to date produced remarkably little material of 9th – 11th century date. This provides tentative evidence to suggest that the Bridge Street area, where no pits have previously been excavated, might repay closer targeting in order to see if more material of this date might be found here. Skeggs Farm produced little material of any antiquity, although a couple of sherds of Essex Grey Ware (12th – 14th century) points to the possibility of contemporary settlement in the vicinity, although nothing of later medieval date.