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Writtle 2010

Writtle 2010 Pottery Report

Writtle 2010 Test Pit Location Map

Eleven test pits were excavated in Writtle in 2010 bringing the total to seventeen, focussing in particular on the area east of Writtle Green where few pits were excavated in 2009. The easternmost of the 2010 pits (WRI/10/2) produced the only find of Romano-British date, no doubt relating to the presence of Roman settlement to the east of the present village. None of the 2010 pits produced any pottery of Anglo-Saxon date, but two (WRI/10/1 and WRI/10/4) did produce several sherds of high medieval date. The former also produced a sherd of decorated medieval floor tile, presumed to be related to the nearby site of King John's Hunting Lodge.

The suggestion tentatively made previously that the area north of Writtle Green and west of St John's Green might have been more severely affected by late medieval contraction was to some extent refuted by WRI/10/9 which produced a large volume of late medieval transitional ware (26 sherds weighing 204g in total). It is intriguing that this pit was sited on the St John's Green, while others in gardens around this green produced hardly any later medieval pottery (just a single small sherd from one of the 2009 pits).