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West Mersea 2010

West Mersea 2010 Pottery Report

West Mersea 2010 Test Pit Location Map

Ten test pits were excavated in West Mersea in 2010, bringing the total to fifty-eight. These were sited to fill gaps not previously excavated, and also to focus on the northerly parts of the present village which had seen less test pitting in previous years. Somewhat unexpectedly, half of the 2010 pits produced Roman pottery, and the overall picture consequently now seems to be one of widespread activity at this date across the central and easterly part of the present settlement, with no pottery of this date retrieved from the western extent of the present village.

As in earlier years, none of the 2010 pits produced any material of late Anglo-Saxon date. The western area of the present village seems to come into intensive use for the first time in the high medieval period, at which time overall settlement was probably arranged in a dispersed pattern, both along the coast and inland. In the later medieval period settlement seems to focus more exclusively along the coastline. There is little convincing evidence for later medieval contraction, but considerable expansion in activity (as represented by pottery finds) in the post-medieval period.