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West Mersea 2009

West Mersea 2009 Pottery Report

West Mersea 2009 Test Pit Location Map

Ten test pits were excavated in West Mersea in 2009, bringing the total to forty-eight. These were sited to fill gaps not previously excavated, and also to focus on the eastern part of the present village which had seen little previous test pitting. Two test pits produced pottery of prehistoric date: to date, Bronze Age material has been derived from three pits, all in the area around WME/09/09, in the higher part of the present village further from the present coastline, and Iron Age pottery from around WME/09/03, nearer to the present shoreline, in an area which has also produced Roman pottery and is the site of the existing medieval church. The absence of any Ipswich ware, especially from WME/9/05 and WME/9/06 suggests that the middle Anglo-Saxon settlement indicated by Ipswich ware from two pits in this area in 2008 may not have been very extensive. As in earlier years, no pits produced any material of late Anglo-Saxon date. Pits WME/09/07, WME/09/08 and WME/09/10 each produced just a single sherd of pottery dating to the period between 1600-1750, and no earlier material, suggesting this area was in low-intensity use, possible as arable fields, at this time rather than settlement.