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West Mersea 2007

West Mersea 2007 Pottery Report

West Mersea 2007 Test Pit Location Map

Ten new test pits were dug in West Mersea in 2007 , bringing the total to date to 16. Three of these (WME07/3, WME07/5 and WME07/9), in two separate locations, produced pottery of Bronze Age and/or Iron Age date, and three pits (WME06/1, WME07/3 and WME07/9), sited in the same two areas, contained Roman material. The area around pits WME06/1, WME07/5 and WME07/9 is known to contain a Roman mosaic-floored building, but the evidence for prehistoric activity in this area is new. As in 2006, no material dating to between the end of the Roman period and the 12th century was found in any of the pits in West Mersea. Limited quantities of pottery dating to the 13th-16th centuries were found in a total of nine of the 16 2006-7 pits, suggestive of a low level of activity over a wide, possibly geographically discontinuous, area.